Method for preparing composite of grapheme with different oxidation degrees and manganese dioxide



The invention discloses a method for preparing composite of grapheme with different oxidation degrees and manganese dioxide. The method comprises the processes of: respectively carrying out low-temperature, intermediate-temperature and high-temperature subsection reactions on original graphite, and concentrated sulfuric acid with a mass concentration of 98% and potassium permanganate so as to obtain graphite oxide; dispersing the graphite oxide in de-ionized water, and reducing the prepared graphite oxide with hydrazine hydrate so as to obtain the grapheme oxide with different oxidation degrees by controlling reduction time; and mixing the grapheme oxide with MnCl2*4H2O in an isopropyl alcohol solution, and adding a water solution of the potassium permanganate to prepare the composite of the grapheme with the different oxidation degrees and the manganese dioxide through oxidation reduction. The method provided by the invention has the advantages as follows: materials used in the method are rich in storage amount and low in cost, so that the method is good in commercialization; an dispersing agent, a stabilizer and the like do not need to be added, and a pure chemical technology is used, so that simple operation, no pollution and low energy consumption can be realized; and the prepared composite material of the grapheme and the manganese dioxide has high purity and good stability.




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