Grapheme/WS2 nanocomposite electrode of lithium ion battery and manufacturing method thereof



The invention discloses a grapheme/WS2 nanocomposite electrode of a lithium ion battery and a manufacturing method thereof. The electrode comprise 75-85% of nanocomposite active materials consisting of grapheme nano-sheets and WS2, 5-10% of acetylene black and 10% of polyvinylidene fluoride in percentage by mass, wherein the amount-of-material rate of the grapheme nano-sheets to the WS2 nano materials in the nanocomposite active materials is (1:1)-(4:1). The manufacturing method of the electrode comprises the following steps: using a chemical oxidation method to manufacture graphite oxide nano-sheets by taking graphite as a raw material; under the existence of the graphite oxide nano-sheets, synthesizing by using a hydrothermal in-situ reduction method so as to obtain the grapheme nano-sheets/WS2 nanocomposite; and manufacturing the electrode by taking the grapheme nano-sheets/WS2 nanocomposite as the active material. The electrode has the advantages of high electrochemical lithium storage reversible capacity and stable circulation property, and can be widely applied to next-generation lithium ion batteries.




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