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US-8800543-B2: Diffusion cap burner for gas cooking appliance patent, US-8803103-B2: Inspection system by charged particle beam and method of manufacturing devices using the system patent, US-8805781-B2: Document quotation indexing system and method patent, US-8807223-B2: Method and apparatus to control fluid flow from subsea wells patent, US-8807886-B2: Hole cutter patent, US-8812924-B2: Method of handling a damage information-assisted hybrid ARQ scheme and related communication device patent, US-8813276-B2: Patient turning system and method patent, US-8813905-B2: Rotating electrical machine control device and steering control system patent, US-8815412-B2: Quinoxaline derivative, and light-emitting element, light-emitting device, and electronic appliance using the quinoxaline derivative patent, US-8817376-B2: Optical coating method, apparatus and product patent, US-8818610-B1: User interface for displaying internal state of autonomous driving system patent, US-8820110-B2: Ice and water system in refrigerator with stirring fan in ice chamber patent, US-8824552-B2: Motion picture encoding device and motion picture encoding processing program patent, US-8827313-B2: Intermodal tank transport system, components, and methods patent, US-8828448-B2: Decellularisation of tissue matrices for bladder implantation patent, US-8828820-B2: Transistor and method for forming the same patent, US-8831984-B2: System and method for inventory management using mobile drive units patent, US-8833038-B2: Casing system patent, US-8835187-B2: Screening assays and methods patent, US-8835383-B2: Method for controlling the digestive coagulation of proteins patent, US-8840026-B2: Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program and information processing system patent, US-8840999-B2: Silicone composition and a method for preparing the same patent, WO-2011103054-A3: Huiles pyrolytiques à faible teneur en oxygène issues de la biomasse et leurs procédés de production patent, US-8842699-B2: Wireless communication system and retransmission method patent, US-8843463-B2: Providing content by using a social network patent, US-8846559-B2: Stable shape-selective catalyst for aromatic alkylation and methods of using and preparing patent, US-8846631-B2: MicroRNA compositions and methods patent, US-8852237-B2: Spinal rod connector patent, US-8852781-B2: Battery cell assembly and method for manufacturing a cooling fin for the battery cell assembly patent, US-8856349-B2: Connection priority services for data communication between two devices patent, US-8857012-B2: Robot cleaner with improved dust collector patent, US-8857577-B2: Damped brake rotor patent, US-8857865-B2: Latch and refrigerator having the same patent, US-8858041-B2: Lamp having outer shell to radiate heat of light source patent, US-8860713-B2: Controlling virtual reality patent, US-8862353-B2: Process for detecting tuning measures patent, US-8863129-B2: Automated caching and mirroring of immutable data in distributed virtual machines via native interface components patent, US-8864866-B2: Filter assemblies; components and features thereof; and, methods of use and assembly patent, US-8865162-B2: Monoclonal antibodies against HPV proteins patent, US-8865714-B2: Piperazine compound capable of inhibiting prostaglandin D synthase patent, US-8869632-B2: Sensor device, force detection device, and robot patent, US-8870560-B2: System for producing NdFeB system sintered magnet patent, US-8870733-B2: Centrifuge patent, US-8870921-B2: Spinal cross connectors patent, US-8871096-B2: Magnetic separation combined with dynamic settling for fischer-tropsch processes patent, US-8871186-B2: Compositions and methods for control of malodor and other environmental contaminants patent, US-8874190-B2: Cardiac diagnostics using wall motion and perfusion cardiac MRI imaging and systems for cardiac diagnostics patent, US-8874297-B2: Method and system for controlling anti-jerk of electric vehicle patent, US-8876590-B2: Gaming system, gaming device, and method for enabling a player to select volatility using game symbols patent, US-8877753-B2: 1-aryl-3-aminoalkoxy pyrazoles as sigma ligands enhancing analgesic effect of opioids and attenuating the dependency thereof patent, US-8882791-B2: Ultrasonic surgical instruments patent, US-8883518-B2: Systems and methods of fluidic sample processing patent, US-8886817-B2: Federation and interoperability between social networks patent, US-8886877-B1: In-situ block folding for nonvolatile memory patent, US-8889729-B2: Compositions for treating amyloid associated diseases patent, US-8889732-B2: Fused heterocyclic compounds and thrombopoietin receptor activators patent, US-8891061-B2: Lithographic focus and dose measurement using a 2-D target patent, US-8891984-B2: Color image forming apparatus patent, US-8893042-B2: Determination and display of relevant websites patent, US-8895300-B2: Scalable primate pluripotent stem cell aggregate suspension culture and differentiation thereof patent, US-8898096-B2: Application configuration generation patent, US-8900444-B2: Switchable hydrophilicity solvents and methods of use thereof patent, US-8901286-B2: DOT1 histone methyltransferases as a target for identifying therapeutic agents for leukemia patent, US-8902173-B2: Pointing device using capacitance sensor patent, US-8903726-B2: Voice entry of sensitive information patent, US-8903762-B2: Modeling data exchange in a data flow of an extract, transform, and load (ETL) process patent, US-8904863-B1: Tire changer with actuated load roller patent, US-8908792-B2: Apparatus and methods using an efficient Golay correlator running at 1.5 the sampling rate in wireless communication systems patent, US-8908923-B2: Interior location identification patent, US-8909426-B2: Trailer path curvature control for trailer backup assist patent, US-8910697-B1: Drapery system patent, US-8911431-B2: Ophthalmological laser system and operating method patent, US-8912095-B2: Polishing method, polishing apparatus and polishing tool patent, US-8912474-B2: Food tray patent, US-8912988-B2: EL display panel, power supply line drive apparatus, and electronic device patent, US-8914515-B2: Cloud optimization using workload analysis patent, US-8915033-B2: Gypsum composites used in fire resistant building components patent, US-8915340-B2: Actuator arrangement for active vibration isolation comprising an inertial reference mass patent, US-8916073-B2: Method of making a natural rubber vacuum bag by spray processes, natural rubber vacuum bag made using spray process, and method for using natural rubber bag made using spray process patent, US-8916331-B2: Resist composition and patterning process patent, US-8918729-B2: Designing electronic forms patent, US-8919476-B2: Platform dolly system patent, US-8921222-B2: Pillar structure having a non-planar surface for semiconductor devices patent, US-8924925-B2: Systems and methods for modeling execution behavior patent, US-8925059-B2: Dynamic trust connection patent, US-8925326-B2: System and method for turbine combustor mounting assembly patent, US-8926140-B2: Partitioned heatsink for improved cooling of an LED bulb patent, US-8929765-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-8929851-B2: System and method for establishing an incident communications network patent, US-8930214-B2: Consolidated healthcare and resource management system patent, US-8931202-B1: Hunting decoy with guidance fin patent, US-8931220-B2: Insulating ICF window buck with integrated fastening and anchors patent, US-8931303-B2: Refrigerating air-conditioning apparatus patent, US-8932162-B2: Bicycle front derailleur patent, US-8932444-B2: Sputtering target of nonmagnetic-particle-dispersed ferromagnetic material patent, US-8932635-B2: Pharmaceutical compositions of hydrophobic surface-modified active substance microparticles for inhalation patent, US-8934045-B2: Digital camera system having remote control patent, US-8934110-B2: Administrating device for administrating a plurality of devices by using device information and function information of users patent, US-8934225-B2: Bag computer system and bag apparatus patent, US-8934261-B2: Compact device housing and assembly techniques therefor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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